ARA-LA Presented at Revolutionary Organizing Against Racism Conference in Bay Area

Michael Novick, editor of TTT and founder of ARA-LA/PART, presented a very well-attended and received workshop at the recent ROAR Conference (Revolutionary Organizing Against Racism) put on in the Bay Area by NoCARA (Northern California ARA). He also participated in a lively panel presentation and Q&A with other former members of the John Brown Anti-Klan Committee (JBAKC). [The JBAKC video from the late 80s/early 90s is posted to the anti-racistaction_la youtube channel.]

Novick’s workshop on Fascism and How to Fight It: Decolonization and Liberation stood out because of its participatory nature.  After some brief remarks outlining the roots of US fascism in settler colonialism, and time for Q & A, the facilitator invited people to break out into small groups to discuss with specificity how to organize for revolutionary anti-fascist politics in scenes and communities dominated by corporate liberal politics (such as in organized labor, the women’s movement, etc) or being infiltrated by neo-nazis (such as death metal and other counter-cultural scenes like Pagans or similar quasi-religious expressions). The workshop ended with report-backs and discussions from 5 or 6 such small groups.

You can see a brief outline of the presentation and the suggestion discussion areas and questions at:

The tumblr also has the longer analysis of the links and roots of capitalism and fascism in settler colonialism, land theft, slavery and genocide. Here:

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