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Q: How can I subscribe to the print edition of Turning The Tide: A Journal of Inter-communal Solidarity?

A: You can send us $20 via paypal to antiracistaction_la@yahoo.com. Be sure to include both your email address and a US Postal Service mailing address. TTT has been published at least 5 times a year the past several years; we promise at least quarterly issues, and are aiming at bimonthly publication(six issues) this year (2017). Your paid subscription helps subsidize 1700 copies that we send free to prisoners around CA and the US. Larger donations are of course welcome.

Q: How can I get involved with Anti-Racist Action-Los Angeles/People Against Racist Terror (ARA-LA/PART)?

A: ARA-LA/PART has been hosting monthly meetings and educationals for the last several months. Email us at antiracistaction_la@yahoo.com for more details, or check us out on facebook, www.facebook.com/tideturning

Q: Can I submit an article, essay or poem to Turning The Tide?

A: Sure. You can use the email address above or the contact form on this website to send us something you’d like us to include in TTT. Let us know if you want to copyright it yourself. Shorter pieces (under 1000 words) are preferable, especially reports on anti-racist activity, or exposes of fascist or racist organizing.