Why we need Dropbox Alternatives

Dropbox Alternatives

Searching for some dropbox alternatives to securely store your files on the cloud? Not too wrong, Dropbox really is a wonderful business, but it is certainly not for everybody. Some people simply do not like the “all or none” way in which some of their permissions are granted.

So, what do we do when we need to transfer files to Dropbox and cannot upload to our local machine? The first option is to transfer them to the cloud and then store them there. This is fine for some people who are not interested in keeping any personal information on the cloud. The problem comes in when the files are password protected and we do not know the password or if the cloud is password protected as well. Read on this article to know more.

Dropbox Alternatives

File transfer software such as SkyDrive, Google Docs and others is available that allows for uploading to the cloud without storing the files locally. There are also apps available that allow users to send files to other users directly from the cloud. This can be a problem because once the file is stored on the cloud the only way to open it there is via a web browser. This means that if someone wants to read the file they can simply use the browser to access it. This is not a huge issue in some cases, but it is one that need to be resolved.

Some folks would like a solution where the files can be accessed remotely in a form that does not require access to the cloud. Dropbox has recently announced that they are creating an alternative to Google Docs which will allow people to have full remote access to files in their Dropbox account.The Dropbox cloud app will allow people to view files, add documents and even create PDF files using an online PDF editor of their choice. The Dropbox app will work for both Mac and PC computers, and there are no restrictions on how many people can access the same documents.

What More You Should Know

Some may argue that there is no advantage to having cloud storage over local storage, but what else would you want? You can use your laptop while traveling to access all your files from the convenience of your home or office at all times. You can still keep your laptop handy, but you will have to keep a USB drive with all of your important data on the cloud. If you happen to lose that USB drive, you still have the files on your local computer and you will not be affected.

Many experts say that if Dropbox is going to stay in business, they are going to need to offer something better. It is important to recognize that while Dropbox is a great product, there are some issues that need to be resolved in order for it to become as popular as they claim. People love to upload things to the cloud for a variety of reasons. However, the fact is that you do not necessarily want to lose everything you have because of your files.

There is a possibility that you may find that the Dropbox alternatives available to you will offer more storage space than you currently do. As a result you could get a great deal on your space without having to worry about losing anything, but that is not always the case.


If this sounds like something you would want to consider, I suggest you give it a try for free and see if it works for you. Dropbox offers an eight-week trial period and you can also use the service without using your username and password. This is the best way to see if it is right for you.

The best thing you can do is test out the Dropbox before making a final decision. If you cannot find anything that you would like to use, then maybe you should look into another option. Some of them are better and will allow you to store more important information without risking your files.


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